This year- Day three hundred sixty two. (Crazy Little Thing)
2010-06-28/12:50 a.m.

crazy little thing

This movie was on so I dvred it because of my undying love for Chris Eigeman. What the hell is this movie?? I don't remember it at all. She's some kind of news anchor who, GET THIS, hasn't had sex in eight months so some girl she meets tells her about a place where you can pick up male prostitutes as some bar in NYC. Is there anything worse than going eight months with no sex? No. Everyone that hears about it acts like she just told them she has breast cancer.

He is in that bar and she picks him up and asks if 300 bucks will work... he says okay because he now thinks she's a hooker. They have terrible sex in her car and she tells him he's terrible at it and kicks him out. That's the part I'm up to. He now thinks he's so repulsive that hookers aren't accepting his money. Comedy!

Where does the dog on the poster come in? So far there has been not a single dog. IMDB says that this movie is also called "The Perfect You." I don't remember that movie either.

Oh, and now we've flashed forward two months to him being dumped by some girl he can't say he loves. Maybe this is why I've never heard of this movie- it's terrible. Oh crap, IMDB also says the writer/director was a producer on this season's Hell's Kitchen... I don't know who he is at all. (Kelley Q, it also says he writes for Chuck)

Ack! One of their 28 year old friends just walked in with his 16 year old girlfriend (who has about 6" between her thighs when standing. Seriously, the amount of sunlight showing between her dang thighs is distracting). This is gross-city. But, hahahahahahah holy cow, Chris Eigeman just said he's 28 too.... hahahahahahha, he's 37 if he's a day. Oh Hollywood, you're so weird.


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