It's a new year...
2010-07-03/3:04 a.m.

my awesome grandma

The opinions are in!

Kelley- I would fail really badly at a photo a day. I often take a month to get film developed and wait weeks to upload things from my camera.

My grandma is totally awesome. She has decided, out of nowhere, to love Argentina in this World Cup. She keeps watching their games and calling me to say how exciting it was. She doesn't even know it's Argentina. She says "that team that wears the light blue and the white" when she talks about them. "They can really get with it!" In my birthday card even she wrote "wasn't that soccer game great?" Oh granny, you are so awesome!

The biggest fear in my life (aside from homelessness/failure) is that my grandma will one day die. Lately she has seemed to be a little out of it and that is heart breaking. It would certainly be a bad time to note things she's saying. I don't want to document her deterioration!

I should totally get to create a show based on having an awesome grandma. That is a criteria, right?

I hate music reviews and don't even read them (like 99% of the time). Even writing about live shows I've been to and loved is trying for me. You also give me far too much credit- I listen to very little new and/or interesting music ever. I would update VERY rarely.

Steve- I am leaning towards live blogging Lifetime movies as well! Maybe I'll do my first one tomorrow after the soccer ends.

Sharona- feel free to take photos of mine that you like and use them like a guest day. Haha. Then you'd get a break. Remember when you used to post in here too? Yeah... that was 5 or 6 years ago but still. You could do it again!

Not only did I not leave the house today but I also forgot to shower. Woops. See! I really wouldn't do well on a photo a day challenge.


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