A relaxing and un-gross beach day in NYC- it's possible!
2010-07-08/2:18 a.m.

On Monday most people who work had the day off even though it wasn't a holiday. I don't work, so I had it off too. Ever since my friend Rosanne moved nearer to me, I've been hanging out with her a lot more. Hosting True Blood at her place on Sunday nights isn't hurting things. One week her friend came for True Blood and was telling us about the beach she spent the day at and how clean and deserted it was for an NYC beach.

On Monday, we decided to go there and check it out for ourselves. The internet made me worry because it said there were no public bathrooms and just one port-a-potty. EEEEEEEK! I peed like 10x before leaving out of sheer fear. We also worried that since so many people had Monday off and it was like 100 degrees, that it would be packed with people. But whatever, it was a day off and it was 100 degrees and we wanted some beach time, dammit. The plan was made.

The day got off to a rough start because everything took longer than planned and snags happened... but once we got on the bus everything was better. We got the whole back of a very air conditioned bus- happiness. It took about 1.5 hours and two buses to get there but that's only 2.25 and the beach was free. Not too shabby. And then we got there! Firstly, there was a bathroom. Thank goodness. And! An ice cream cart! And some kind of snack bar you could get beer at. Not too shabby at all.

This is all that was between us and the ocean.

That was all that was between us and the water. Keep in mind that we didn't get up early. We arrived at like 1:30 in the afternoon; prime beach time. Yet! That's all that was between us and the ocean. It was so hot that the chilly water was refreshing and a few of us, including me, actually swam a bit. Everything was cooler out there than it was in the city.

reading circle.

Unpictured: the People magazine that I brought because the newsstand only had Cosmo in Spanish. We couldn't do quizzes or read horoscopes, what a tragedy. Pictured: the Estelle Getty auto biography that Rosanne is reading.

This is a picture of the more crowded part of the beach.

The beach at Ft. Tilden.

On the bus on the way back we stopped and I saw this store sign that made me laugh.

Lords photocakes.

Lords photocakes. What a weird name! I get that they make those creepy cakes with photos on them. Maybe it's because "cakes" to me is slang for butt cheeks, but man oh man, I can't stop giggling when reading that sign.

And then we were back in Williamsburg, walking by Rosanne's street where the tattered old Puerto Rican flags pepper the streets and kids were playing in an open hydrant. A bit sunburned (everyone but KL forgot to put sunblock on the backs of their knees, woops) but relaxed and happy.

Puerto Rican flags. Sun going down.

Adventure! Now I want to go again.


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