2010-07-17/5:02 a.m.

xkcd internet

The internet is so vast and wondrous.

Today, a stranger on Twitter who is barely literate told me that I should look into being a janitor or waitress because I'll never be a writer.

Oh wait, I mean: "You are fooling yourself if you think ur a writer...lmao" and "ou are a sad and insecure person. PS your writing skills suck. Sucky ass blob"

That is verbatim. I did not type-o that.

Some of her other gems, not directed at me: "U LOOK CHEAP" "have some FUCKING respect for your parents you fucking little brat!!!!!!!!! Gety that little bitch off the show!! #asheley #realhousewives" "Get your face cut too while you are at it bitch." "Kiss my ass you PSYCHO bitch. Only nutjobs get so strung over stupid shit! u don't know who the fuck u're fucking with okay?"

The irony is that she has no idea that I have written some of the shows that she poops herself over.

Thank goodness she's out there telling other people to "stop the hate." We could all learn something from this unbridled positivity that she brings to the table!

The joke's on her though. I'd be a terrible waitress.


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