A downside of being a woman. (Best Coast/Vivian Girls content)
2010-07-31/4:47 p.m.

My friend Ali is in a band and it's a band that is talked about on the internet a ton. I was just clicking around some blogs today and came across a big reason why being a lady in a band is such nonsense.

Recently, some males I know were going off on how there is no difference between the way women and men are treated particularly in terms of the music scene. I was baffled that people really hold this opinion, but that's how ignorance works I guess.

Ali is now the drummer in a new band and here are tons of comments from brooklynvegan and punknews. I would wager that three comments out of over 100 were actually music related.


uh-oh. this brings the combined female weight of best coast to about 400 lbs

maybe Ali is hookin up wit da dude in Best Coast

wait why is ali even playing in best coats? she is not even a good drummer! does anyone else recall her frequently losing time?

The Vivian Girls reminded me of the Golden Girls. They may be entertaining, but you wouldn't want to live with them. (okay, that one is more funny than mean)

big coast.

breast coast.

Pix of new girl? I need to see a picture so I can decide whether or not I would fuck her and therefore help further develop my opinion on this band.

c'mon, let's save best coast (and future music projects) from her rhythm/tempo/ability atrocities by continuing to badmouth her!!

is the new drummer obese also?

anyone know how much the new viv girls drummer weighs??

(someone posted a long fake one-act play about how to lose weight)

I heard she is dating the singer from Fucked Up.

If we're talking about the best girl musicians, I imagine the "best girl drummer" wouldn't be playing in uh, Vivian girls. (why would GIRL have anything to do with this comment?!?)

this is why girls shouldnt be in bands. too catty! (nothing catty happened, she is moving to LA, but i guess this is just assumed)

from the photos I've seen of the new girl, the vivs have lost about 100 pounds and 7 tats..congrats girls


I'm not saying anything bad about this band, but I would bet the farm that the drummer is clearly unable to match Meg white.

so they kicked out the fat one.

America Ferrera has never looked better

i would NOT hit that


Okay, here is what Ali looks like. What were you imagining after reading all those things about how grotesquely fat and untalented she is? And, to be serious for a second, what if she was 400 pounds? Why should that matter? Freaking Bill Stevenson (an amazing drummer!) is a big, fat guy and somehow his skills are what people manage to talk about when he plays drums.

(she's on the right)

(here she is also on the right)

It's shocking that she's even allowed to be in a band being so sloppy and gross, am I right?! Which must be why several rumors have started about how she's banging the dude in the band. Only perfect looking men are allowed to be in bands, right? Eye roll, eye roll, eye roll.

This is 2010 and in liberal indie rock and punk rock crowds, you guys. It's sickening.


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