Eat, Pray, Love makes me gag gag gag.
2010-08-11/10:04 p.m.

eat pray love

Eat, Pray, Love is the new movie based on the bestseller.  This is the story of a 32 year old woman (hear that, Julia Roberts??) who gets a divorce and spends a year eating (four months in Italy), praying (four months in India) and then spends four months in Bali looking for "balance" but finds love. 

Beyond being asked to believe that Julia Roberts is having a quarter-life crisis of sorts... eye roll eye roll eye roll... Nothing like seeing a zillionaire travel around with no worries for a year, since all she ever does is play herself.  (Was Gwyneth Paltrow already booked?) Who can't relate to that??

Here are 10 people who could star in "Eat, Pray, Love" and make the movie more enjoyable:

1. Kate Winslet
2. Natalie Portman playing a grownup
3. Marion Cotillard
4. Roseanne
5. Tori Spelling as 90210's Donna Martin
6. The girl from 7th Heaven (any of them)
7. Any one of the girls who has done the acting challenge on "America's Next Top Model"
8. That lady who played the mom on Home Improvement
9. An LOLcat
10. Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire drag


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