The More You Know, with Ice-T
2010-11-15/2:09 a.m.

sherlock holmes

Sometimes, Law and Order SVU offers up little nuggets of joy in the form of Ice-T educating the viewers on something they may not be privy to or may be too old/square to understand. My favorite was when he explained what "death metal" is but I didn't have the foresight to transcribe that one.

This episode is called "Lowdown" and he explains what "being on the down low" means to black men (which I had no idea about so I guess am both too old and square in this case).

Imagine this in Ice-T voice.

Ice-T: Maybe they all have something to hide...
Detective: Like what?
Ice-T: I think they're on the down low
Captain: Down what?
Ice-T: Down low, black men having sex with other men...
Detective: One of these guys is married, some have kids...?
Ice-T: That's sex on the down low, they say it doesn't mean they're gay.
Belzer: What does it mean?
Ice-T: It's just sex. They hang out have a few drinks, pretend that what goes on downstairs isn't who they are. You grow up being black, you're supposed to be a man, become a father. Church, your family, your friends, they all see being gay as a white man's perversion.
Detective: White men having trouble dealing with it too...
Ice-T: Different from black men, they go out have sex with other men, then come home have sex with their woman and pretend that they're straight. (SURPRISED FACE) Hey, don't look at me, I just know stuff!

What the? Is this a real thing? I thought the "down low" just referred to ass on the side. Thanks for the education, Ice-T!


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