Let's Get Physical - 2011
2011-01-19/11:11 a.m.

lets get physical

Today is the first day of my fit 2011 plan. I used to go to the gym all the time and do yoga or play soccer every week... then I stopped doing that. A combination of poverty and just not caring anymore added up to just doing nothing starting around June/July of 2010. So I am attempting to get back on track.

One big piece of the puzzle was dropping money on a year-long gym membership. Ack! I hate spending large amounts of money. Luckily that feeling translates into my going to the gym all the time in an effort to get my money's worth. My cheapness can make my brain easy to trick sometimes.

Now I need to pay more attention to my diet and go to the gym all the time and maybe play soccer again and things will fall into place.

Right now the plan is to lose 40 pounds. I will keep track of it here in an attempt to stay on track.

x+40 and counting...


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