Laguna Beach is back!
2005-08-13/11:13 a.m.

I have been in such a television drought this summer. The only repeats I look forward to are the last few episodes of the OC since I missed those and even though I heard all about the (attempted?) rape, alcoholism and murder, I’d still like to see them.

But, last Monday the drought officially ended. The new season of Laguna Beach started and the hole in my teen loving heart was filled. At least for an hour.

Holy cow, there are even more tanned, blonde girls this season. When Mike sees it his head might literally explode. Last season he’d be watching and say “wait, I thought she was at home but now she’s at the restaurant” and I’d have to say “That was LC and this is LO, they are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.” After a marathon he was mainly just telling apart the dark haired girls from the blonde girls. (Sidenote- many of them go to USC with him, and he also said the underclassmen at USC are all interchangeable to him.)

I think that many of them actually got richer during the show hiatus. LC now has a furnished mansion so she is dropping out of school to live at home (big shocker), though I was hoping it would be Steven that dropped out only to get home and find that he was dumped for a USC football player. That woudl have been so awesome.

Some new girl owns the biggest house that even these Laguna Beach richies have ever seen. Oh, and the girls go bowling at the end in a limo. Yeah, a LIMO.

Basically, they are having a high school experience that all of us can relate to. Getting your personal hair stylist to come over and do your hair before a party, having fancy dress poker parties, it being totally cool for your boyfriend to sleep over whenever he wants, and taking limos to bowling parties. Yes, and dating semi-famous football players (the part about being dumped for the USC football player was totally true).

Oh, and this season the kids clearly got a list of what places had signed off releases for filming. In one hour 2 different couples went to the same Italian restaurant and sat at the same table, what are the odds!?! They even talked about how awesome the place was (even the person who said they’d never been there before). Again, shocking!

The best, and most cringeworthy parts were when two couples who had broken up, met to hang out and "talk". They just sort of stared off. Steven wouldn't even talk and pulled his mope-on-the-verge-of-a-tantrum routine so popular with three year olds these days.

Also, I totally respect Jessica for having the guts to wear glasses in this environment. I am surprised that she was even allowed to remain living within the city limits after having made such a "mousey" choice. Oh! And her boyfriend called her pretty, and then she went to put her hair up and he was like "don't do that". So she stopped. You're only pretty with your hair down and your contacts in, Jessica! Jeez- get it straight.

Anyway, this is maybe the best show on television. In the meantime, I highly recommend webstalking the tannies on Myspace. PS. Episode two really heats up as LC makes Steven breakfast after he apparently slept over? Nice!


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