A note I found in a drawer.
2012-04-22/7:24 p.m.

Cleaning out an old file cabinet and came across a list my ex-boyfriend must have made and then shoved in a drawer. The romance is so thick you could just choke.

Crystal Options:
Stay in LA for a year- visit X times a month / or meet 10 new contacts, know them for 6 months, then return
In the meantime work out remaining issues.
Check in periodically, see how we're doing.

Perhaps in addition to just meeting in NYC or LA we go on vacations in other cities?
Video conferencing?

Eventually, after a year of the above, then we live together in a city, then move forward with children/marriage


Here is my plan for the future:

No more falling in love with emotionless robots.


A note I found in a drawer.
The Extra Lens and Adultery.
Books are beautiful.
Ira Glass made me feel better about things.
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