The Extra Lens and Adultery.
2011-07-10/9:07 p.m.

I bought the Extra Lens record months ago but only got to uploading it to iTunes tonight.


The liner notes, which I just assumed were lyrics, I just realized are actually like little stories or explanations for every song.

My most favorite one is for the song called "Adultery."

Not to give away much of the plot, but both the narrator of this song and the person to whom he is speaking are married, and not to each other. I hope that if there is ever a song in which they get found out, they will take the opportunity to serve as an example to others of how to behave when caught red-handed. None of this "well, you made me do it," or "I don't know what I was thinking." Unless either or both of those excuses are true, which I mean, you never know. I don't live in the house, I just spy on it from across the street.

Also, the overall design (by Maggie Fost/Merge) is excellent.


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