Camera Test.
2005-11-26/9:20 p.m.

I had a productive black Friday, buying a new digital camera at circuit city. I got this one , anyone have an opinion on it? I have 12 days to return it for full refund. It came down to being between this one and the sony 5 megapixel thingy. This one was cheaper, took crisper pics and is tiny so I just went with it. The sony had a much better display screen though. SO TOUGH! I hate making big purchases. I call this my raise and bonus gift to me.

I have taken some pics with it. Feel free to tell me if you think the image is cruddy or that I could do better. I don't want to be stuck with a camera that isn't awesome. Awesome things only- that's my policy.

Here is Mike looking handsome as heck:

Here is my new haircut:

And here we are, such lovebirds!:

Thanksgiving for two was a hit! I finally figured out my grandma's stuffing recipe. It's all gone now and I am sad. Too bad I didn't have the camera before Thursday or else I would be posting tons of pics of our lovely dinner. We watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and ate in our pajamas.

I plan to take a zillion pics now and fully enter the 21st century. Mike named the camera Simon, since it's like a member of the family now he might as well get chummy with it.


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