Holidays are Here!
2005-12-22/1:21 a.m.

I am having a hard time believing that Christmas is on Sunday. It just doesn't seem right this year. I don't know what it is.

We put up the "tree" and decorations last week. Last year our tree was a total Charlie Brown Christmas, just a glorified twig really. This year we got more of a bush. It is cute though. And this way it can double as a Hannukah bush (even though I don't know what one of those is).

Here is my favorite ornament:

And here is Mike's:

Our tree isn't very traditional I suppose. Neither of us are Christian though, so we just put things we like on it. Since these photos were taken we got two new ornaments from a vintage store- one looks like a red disco ball and one is red knit with a brown stripe and white dots. Pretty hot.

I don't know if people have heard, but NYC has a transit strike right now. So I didn't go to work today.

I baked cookies for my landlord, coworkers and a friend though. And I ran errands. I thought about doing something super cute this year, like a Martha recipe, but I just did regular sugar cookies and dyed some frosting for them.

Maybe now it will feel like the holidays.


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