Blizzard 06!
2006-02-14/1:14 a.m.

This past weekend was a snowy one indeed. Here are some pics of the snow from outside my bedroom window, and then from outside the front door of the building that I live in.

This was at about 11am on Sunday morning when the snow was still coming down.

Here is a neat article from NY1 about the snow.

"The 1947 storm hit the day after Christmas leaving thousands of commuters stranded on trains and subways in the city.

The blizzard of 1888 measured 21 inches and caused some 200 deaths. It also forced the city to speed up its plan to bury its telephone and telegraph lines a fixture of the city's skyline in that time.

More recently, the storm of 1996 measured at 20.2 inches in Central Park. That storm closed city schools. Some 100 people were killed along the East Coast.

In 2003, a storm measuring 19.8 inches in Central Park hit on Presidents' weekend and paralyzed much of the east coast. "

I remember the 2003 one. I was working way uptown at Columbia and everything was shut down, and it was so quiet outside. Then kids started playing and were just sledding and running around in the streets because cars weren't driving. It was pretty awesome. Mike and I slept in and enjoyed it fully. This year's was pretty good too. A large group of people started a snowball fight outside and then it became a football game later at night. Pretty good blizzard I'd say.


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