Things are Greeeeeaaat!
2006-03-12/2:08 p.m.

I am in Los Angeles.

Mike and I got haircuts together on Friday and then went to this store called Uncle Jer's. They are having a great sale and I fell in love with a cute jacket. It's long and has a hood, dark blue with the hot pink thread and light blue buttons. it also has a bird stitched into the inside. I need it. But I am playing the dangerous game of waiting for it to go on 50% off sale (it's on 30% off right now). I may just give in and buy it. We shall see.

But while at that store Mike bought me a sweet plastic ring with green and blue stripes on it, and the person who sold it to us..... none other than APRIL TUNA from POPULAR (the best show ever made). I loved that show so much, and she was my favorite. I talked to her about the show. She RULES. I may have to go back and buy the jacket from her.

We also went out and hung out with a college friend of Mike's and saw some bands in a bar in Pasadena. LA is not so bad these days. And then, because we are apparently so far out of the loop that we can't even see any loop from here, we found out 3 months late that Belle and Sebastian and the New Pornographers are on tour together. Two of my most favorite-est (live) bands, TOGETHER. Yay.

Best part- they are playing in LA while I am here! But it's sold out. I hit up ebay and got a pair of floor tickets for just a little more than face value. YES. It just keeps getting better and I am just going to keep enjoying it.

Best image I have seen on the internet in weeks:


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