Harry Potter, alternate ending
2006-04-26/10:07 p.m.

What the crappin crap?!

I saw this image online today:

It is kind of awesome. When do Harry Potter and Malfoy "do it" in the books? I never read past the first one. (i am kidding, i realize that this isn't a plot point.....YET)

What's weird is that I am a Ron Weasley fan through and through. He's gonna be hoTT when he grows up. (Scott said that at the last premeire that Ron was very indie rock and had long hair and seemed awkward. He's growing up so fast. ) These two never did anything for me. Yet, here they are, looking not bad.

I think boys being comfortable in their boy-ness is attractive. I even found the Crying Game sexy. Perhaps I have issues.

Also, how old are these boys anyway? I'd like to know so that I can feel a little less dirty-old-man about the whole thing.


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