2006-06-18/8:26 p.m.

What the hell is with all of these movies where someone, somehow gets the power to control the universe?!?! It's always some idiot guy who'd rather look at boobs that do anything worthwhile with their lives. It is so annoying. And predictable. And HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE. Man, I really never need to see another one of these movies ever again.

And they are ALL THE SAME. Watch Bruce Almighty when TBS shows it (for the four millionth time) today and then you'll never ever have to see Click because you already know the story.

The worst is the scene where they discover their power, and then go NUTS, so CRAAAAAYZAY just doing wacky things to show just how powerful they are. It's just so freaking entertaining to some exec, that it goes on forever and is never actually funny or clever or any of the things it's trying to be.

Why doesn't a woman ever get the ridiculous power? Or a child? Or, any number of changes that may make this originally slightly okay idea, more palatable.

Mark my words, the next one will be a group of frat boys that somehow get a magical keg stand that allows them to see sorority girl boobs every time they drink a beer. Hijinx ensue. And so on. Hollywood, don't fail me now!


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