Working Hard for the Money, so hard for it honey.
2006-06-29/5:13 p.m.

I started my first freelance job on the west coast last Friday (hence my lack of posting) and have been working pretty much non-stop ever since. It’s pretty awesome and I am happy to have found something that I enjoy. I am literally at a toy company. I saw an inventor’s room! Neat-o!

I haven’t seen them, but the placard down the hall says these are made here too, and my new plan to steal a sweet one in either champagne sparkle or power pink. Hell yes. If I were going to buy one for Sharon, I think I would get her “white lightening.” We’d be so hot.

So, I’ve been doing this, and pretty much nothing else. Games, games, games. I came in for the interview on Thursday, and I knew on Wednesday night (at about midnight) when I sent the resume in, that I would have this job. It’s weird, because I mainly send out resumes and cross my fingers, but for some reason I just knew. Then I checked my email on Thursday morning and there was a message asking me to come in ASAP. I knew that my game experience would come in handy from my last job and when I came in I actually learned that I would be the only one with experience that sent in a resume. Sweet! Score one for this guy. The guy that interviewed me actually (jokingly) offered me his job. I think I prefer mine (his is VERY stressful) but appreciated the sentiment.

It’s weird because it’s me, another girl my age, and then 3 young guys (20, 20, and 24) and then the bosses. The guys are so young. It’s crazy. We were playing “marry, date, dump” (which is “marry, fuck, kill” if you’re an adult that plays games in bars) and one card said “Dan Quayle” to which one guy said “what was he in?” and when I said he was VP under Bush Sr. and not an actor he pointed out that he was born in 86 and doesn’t remember that. Scary! When I tried to describe Quayle to him he just said “he sounds better than Bush” and I guess he’s right. Dan Quayle doesn’t sound so bad now that we’ve really experienced bad I suppose. They also asked me who was in Wu-Tang and why Dave Chappelle is always talking about them. When I named some members (Method Man, Redman etc…) they were like “Oh, I thought they were solo people.” Nuts! I have never felt so old in all my years… the kids today, and all that.

And then…… it became my birthday. Today. So I got even older.

However, the guys told me they thought I was 20 or 21. YES! But then added, “you act older though.” Which is true, so not offensive. I have acted older my whole life. When I was 19 my friend Glenn termed me “the oldest 19 year old in the world” because I act like a granny. Yet, I have the face of a young, angelic, porcelain doll. So, remember that everyone. (I also looked at an apartment last month in which the lady showing the apartment referred to me as a “21 year old rocker” and I won’t let Mike forget it)

I think really that I just don’t wear much makeup and still dress like I did in college. The real shocker is that Sharon turned 29 on Tuesday and she looks maybe 21. I bet she still gets carded for booze. Oh! In Vegas I was carded to gamble. The other ladies at the table were like “oh, now we’re hurt that they didn’t card us.” Youth forever!

I have only worked with these people for a week, but I got a cake and a nice card today that was really awesome. And very sweet of them. Awwww, mushy. And Mike gave me part of my presents this morning. An awesome toiletry kit thing with little animals drawn on it, and post it notes that look like word bubbles. I love post-its and have been looking all over the apartment for some. He got me some when we first started dating that were from Japan and in the shape of arrows. He knows what I like. I can’t wait to go home and see what else I got and eat the dinner he’s making.

And because I apparently work in a magnetic field, my phone barely gets service, so it looks like I have about 10 messages to listen to when I leave. Everyone must think I’m out partying. Or, if they know me, they probably figured I am at work (sadly).

(And yes, that means that I didn’t get the Disney job mentioned before. But I think that was for the best. Mike and I had a meeting at mtv in Santa Monica this morning, but were called just before we left and told that it was cancelled. Perhaps next week will work out. I am sure something will)


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