I am exhausted by my own importance.
2006-08-14/11:17 p.m.

This will be a busy week, people! It's only Monday and I had a job interview today, and a meeting set up for Friday. That's TWO meetings in one week. Whooo, I need an assitant to keep up with all this.

And to top it all off, I want to finally get a freaking haircut (I had ZERO meetings last week, but still did not do it) and take the car to the carwash. How will I fit it all in? I'm not some kind of super woman!

In all honesty, the interview that I had today is for a job that could potentially start tomorrow, which would really, actually make me busy. It sounds like a really fun job though so I have my fingers crossed. And since it would start soon, I should know either way by tomorrow which is the best. I hate waiting.

Friday is pretty hilarious. It's a meeting to be a producer on the upcoming season of Next. That's right. If Adam T. is reading this... he is wayyy more psyched than me right now. Mike hopes that it entails prompting them at new ways to talk about how hot they are and how much better they are than the other contestants. Hilarious.

And I leave for NYC in 3 weeks. I was about to be sad about summer ending, but then I remembered that I live in the city of eternal summer. Nice!

That was a tangent- the point of this post is that I am very busy and important and have busy and important places to be! Someone get me a double tall skinny latte*!

*did anyone get that? sharon?

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