The Kung Fu Monkeys, American Beach Party USA, NOW IN 3D!
2006-08-20/1:56 a.m.

A few weeks ago Kathleen and I directed an honest to goodness Kung Fu Monkeys video! Hooray!


The shoot took place about 90% in a studio in front of a greenscreen. It looked amazing while we were there, and I have the photos to prove it. James is the smiliest dude on the planet. With the catchiest songs. It's sickening.

This shot is quite professional and gives the impression that we really know what we're doing:
Gotta love that.

To follow it up, here's the most ridiculous one!
A man in a gorilla suit getting his makeup done! (Look how amazingly flat the back wall looks though, ugh, that lighting looks so pretty. I don't care how crazy that makes me sound)

Title shot!
We are working on some arty elements of the video this week and then everything goes off to Sharona where she'll work her magic all over it. And then it will be done.

If those of you at home are going "But, how can I do this?" Well, I'll tell you! First, you get a sweet band with amazing songs, then have a ton of fun, then have Sharon sprinkle magic on it, and that's how a music video is made. I should teach at the fricking Learning Annex.


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