Television is a Big Part of My Life.
2006-09-26/6:12 p.m.

I don't really like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I was let down when I saw how melodramatic the pilot was and then last night's 2nd episode just made it worse. They all take themselves so damn seriously. And no one on this show is funny at all. Yet they are supposed to be the funniest people ever (or so the script says) and so cutting edge and changing the face of American television.... okay. But they are so freaking boring. And, what is the amazing sketch that keeps getting talked about called? Crazy Christians! Whew. Now that is cutting edge. Stop the presses!

Also, sketch comedy on television is mostly bad. Network sketch comedy is only that much worse, and certainly isn't changing America, so maybe Sorkin should have lowered the bar a bit. It's also so damn meta with his coke problem (just like Sorkin's!) and then his break up with a woman for her Christian beliefs (just like Sorkin!). And the main characters are horribly unfunny (just like Sorkin!). By the way, I am not a fan of Aaron Sorkin.

I have also been trying to get into the American version of the Office. I watched the first few episodes of season 1 back when they aired and I just wasn't that impressed and then never watched it again. Mike thinks season 2 may be better (as the season one dvds have only been okay) so I guess we'll plow through.

Last night I read an article (that I can't seem to find right now) about how the Office is now in America, France and Germany and compared all of them. The writer didn't like the UK version and only liked the US one because she could relate to it more. I think my main problem is the the US one is so completely ridiculous and over the top. Also, I think that hte British version was much better at having the sadness and despair throughout. American comedy has never been as good with the funny/sad (especially on tv).

This boss would be fired immediately, and the fact that he wasn't after 2 seasons (like the UK one) makes me less interested immediately. He'd also be sued all the time. I also don't find him funny, even in an embarrassing way. I just find him annoying and stupid. And, let it be known, that I generally LOVE Steve Carell.

And then the "romance"..... it doesn't do anything for me. In the UK version I thought it was nice since they both had crappy lives and seemed sort of bonded in mediocrity (they even joked about him being in his 30s and living with his parents). And then she doesn't choose him anyway. Which seemed pretty realistic. The US one.......... just seems kind of like a lame fantasy for every boring lady wasting away in an office. The character Pam has both a fiance, and then this guy Jim in love with her. Pam is very bland and boring but she manages to get two guys in love with her. (That's why I think a lot of lonely ladies are jealous of her.) And Jim is pretty bland and has no real future. Aw? That's cute? The commercials build it up like it's some amazing romance that has America holding it's breath. It sounds kind of depressing, and I don't see the appeal of either of them. If there is anything more depressing than wasting away in a crappy office doing something you hate for a living, it would be a romance with one of the guys who is spending his life going nowhere, and is boring on top of it. So that part of show won't be snagging me any time soon. (it doesn't hurt that I find the guy playing Jim to be very weird looking and one dimensional)

I still haven't decided about 30 Rock and Heroes (the pilot was okay) but I am still looking forward to Ugly Betty. I have this Lifetime movie starring Amy Jo Johnson (the pink ranger) as an anorexic gymnast to finish before I leave for yoga class.

***DISCLAIMER*** I really dislike will they/won't they storylines on tv shows. And I think such storylines tend to ruin shows (was there ever one where the people finally got together and it was awesome?).


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