Halloween Time and the Departed
2006-10-08/9:39 p.m.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year (or, it's tied with Christmas, but Christmas means seeing my family and friends too). But, it is no secret that I hate the trend for girls to just dress as sluttily as possible on Halloween. It may be the laziest thing ever, and honestly is just a desperate cry for attention 99% of the time. Look at me! I'm sexy! Am I Rite?!?!? Ugh. I think the lack of creativity bugs me even more though. Nothing worse than boring people, afterall.

My friend Stephanie recently summed it up perfectly with "I mean, i see the slutty "I'm wearing lingerie and calling it a costume" costumes and I mostly think "thats a boring" and leave it at that. The only thing that annoys me is the attitude some girls have, i.e. "Look at me! I'm in lingerie and I have cat ears so I'm a CAT! A SUPER DUPER CUTE CAT! LOL! OMG!!" But then again, those same girls would annoy me any day of the week, not just on Halloween, so essentially, its the girls that are annoying, not their costume."

YES! So so true. But then a circular for PartyCity came in the mail last week..... the slutty lady costumes are now for kids. I am not kidding. Ages 8-12 have a go-go dancer costume (minidress with knee high boots) and even naughty nurse and french maid costumes. It was one of the most disturbing things I've had the misfortune of seeing lately. I can't imagine what little girl would actually beg for these costumes, unless she's seen some adult lady wearing them and wants to imitate her. But I REALLY can't imagine what parent is all "sure thing, 8 year old, you'll be a french maid this year, with fishnets! Just like all little girls want to be!" It is really gross, and this trend really needs to be reversed. Fast!

In fun news, I have found many sweet pumpkin patches of fall fun around the LA area. I can't wait! I haven't been to something like that since I left Kansas City. I also found that there is an Oktoberfest here, which I am sure appeals to Mike more. If there's one thing I can safely say about Mike, he loves Germans. Whether they be in Chasing Liberty, or in the form of large, round babies at the kid's store in Brooklyn, he loves them all.

On Saturday we saw the Departed wtih Phil and Julie (fellow NYC transplants) and it started awesomely, since it only cost 5 bucks! This really appealed to my cheap side. Who am I kidding, all my sides are cheap!

I really liked the movie, but man oh man is it violent. It's weird because I actually thought I was desensitized to violence by about 30 minutes in, but then there were a few scenes that still shocked me. Most shocking, was that I found Leo to be sexy in this movie. I have never, in my life once thought he was attractive. Of course, he is now meatier (read; pot belly) and tattooed (fake?) and very very sad and troubled. I have problems.

It's one of those movies though, where there are a lot of plot points, it's super long, and full of surprises, so I will never want to see it again. Once I know surprises in movies like this, I watch with a much too critical eye and only find faults that I didn't notice at first. It's best for everyone if I never see it again.

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