Dump that Zero!
2006-10-26/9:10 p.m.

It’s no secret that I have been watching Laguna Beach since the first season back in 2004. I even like(d) it a bit. Stephen was a doofus and Kristin was only maybe 16 and knew how to make guys line up for her while she did what she wanted. Even LC seemed like an okay girl, though she is somewhat smarter on The Hills, if you forget about the whole passing up a summer in Paris to be with her idiot boyfriend thing.

But I’ve been watching this season and it such a letdown. The girls are horrible! They sit around waiting for some beefy necked, acne covered dudes to call them or talk to them and that’s pretty much it. Two of them were dating guys who just wouldn’t speak to them in public. Seriously. And instead of dumping these jerks immediately, the girls wonder what’s happening and wait to find out what the guys want with them. UGH! It is infuriating to watch. The egos the guys now have are incredible. I can’t wait for something bad to happen to any of them just to knock them down a few pegs. They’re not even attractive! Or smart! Or funny! They’re just wastes… who get their pick of all these girls who are way too good for them.

This season also marks a clear case of someone getting a taste of television and then creating a new persona:


On season 2 the seniors thought she was this super nice Sophomore. Aww, she’s so sweet. Her big boobies even got invited to the prom by skeevy Jason. But he made out with another girl and ditched her at the dance. She’s so nice though! Everyone says so. THEN this season started and she is some kind of horrible witch of a teenager. She doesn’t even talk the same way. It’s all snide comments and talking about how fat and ugly all the other girls are. These girls, who still have their baby fat themselves, acting like some kind of powerful villain is hilarious. But how all out phony this one is, makes my day. I wonder if it’s just when the cameras are on, or if it’s just her new personality. It’s fascinating! Someone should do a psychological study on her… and then air it along with the new season of Breaking Bonaduce. She could even use that same counselor. It would be perfect.

In more personal news I’m working on a commercial for a certain beauty product that ladies can sell themselves (not Mary Kay)…and while model calls usually make me feel even shorter and fatter than usual, today made me feel oddly good about myself. It was all beauty, meaning extreme close-ups, and wow was everyone’s skin pretty bad. It was also for lips and eyes specifically. Girls would come in and I’d think “she’s pretty” then she’d leave and the director would be like “one of her eyelids is heavier than the other, she has dark circles that make her look 50!” Harsh. It made me appreciate how good my skin is. And that same, harsh director thought I was in college. Yes! That means that I don’t look as old as the 24 year old French model. I win life!

I already thought Ugly Betty was the best new show on television, but then tonight Harrison from Popular. (ie. The best show EVER) is on playing a nerdy (read: hot) accountant, so it is firmly cemented in that title. That’s a relief.

Now I will leave you with some hilarious Laguna Beach quotes that I saw on the imdb page when I was googling it:

LC: I don't wanna marry Stephen.
Lo: Why? He's cute, you'd have pretty babies.
Jen: You would have pretty babies, your babies would be like the popular people at school.
LC: That's sweet.
Jen: They would.

Lo's Mom: Lo, it's not a fashion show...
Lo: Every day's a fashion show mom.

Kristin: Jessica, he's cheating on you! Take it from someone who used to cheat on her boyfriend. Those are signs of him cheating!

Alex: It's fate telling you, you need to get a new car.
Kristin: Exactly! I'm gonna be like, Dad, you're Buddhist, you believe in that.

Lo: [in the limo before prom] Morgan has the same dress as me. She's... a whore.


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