Holiday Romance
2006-12-02/7:34 p.m.

I really want to see "the Holiday" no matter how lame it seems. I am a sucker for these lame romantic movies, and I even like the previous work of this director. Mike says he'd see it, but he doesn't sound super psyched like he is anytime anything Dreamgirls comes on tv. Seriously, he is dying for that movie. Big time.

I am worried though, that this is just another lame movie aimed at lonely people who will see anything over the holidays. I am especially uninterested in the Diaz/Law part (which yes, is half of the movie) but mainly because they are not funny. If it is good though, I will be weepy and then decide that nothing in my love life is as good as whatever happened in the movie. Yeah, I am very healthy. And even keeled. Seriously.

I remember when "Love, Actually" came out and I thought it looked awful and wasn't even planning on seeing it until a gajillion people told me it was great and not like a usual romance movie at all. Well, they were right. It was MUCH worse. Ugh. Mike and I sat in the theater, bored as hell, watching all these unremarkable stories (many of which were much more sad than sweet). How old was Keira Knightly? Like 19? Yet, getting married and has a couple of guys fighting over her. Okay, sure. Then that crappy Colin Firth story that was scary and creepy at the same time. And then all those forgettable little stories like those nude models. The only story that was well acted or had me caring at all, was the Alan Rickman/Emma Thompson marriage, and he was a jerk who was buying jewelry for his secretary and being a dick. Romantic? I was so angry afterwards. And! It had 3 guys who I think are attractive! Yet, I hated them all and was bored. That's a problem.

To sum up, I will be quite pissed if this new movie is anything like that.

Love, Acually is actually on tv right now. Eerie (I went back and edited this in). One more point of contention though, why do people keep saying that Christmastime is the time of year to be honest or tell people how you feel? Is that true? I don't think so. Stupid movie.

I am hoping though to get a christmas tree (which to us means a tiny Charlie Brown Christmas-esque thing) and feel like it's at least nearing the holidays, because right now it feels like they couldn't be further away. Dangerous. And then we can get on the candy and cookie making. Hooray! (though, no tickets to Kansas City have been bought yet, and I am getting very nervous about that. Eeek.)


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