90210 Good Times!
2007-01-18/5:50 p.m.

On Sunday I decided to get down to business and bust out the 90210-Season One dvds that santa brought me for Christmas. Mike was “sick” and laying in bed “reading”, but really he was just pretending not to hear the show. Every time anyone said anything he was cracking up though, so he wasn’t doing a very good job pretending. Once, to the point of nearly falling out of the bed, even.

And I must admit, it IS hilarious. Just the clothes alone, oh man. Kelly was wearing pleated light denim shorts with a cuff in them and a belt, with lime green spandex shorts underneath! Then white hi-tops and some thick socks with it and… she’s the hot one that all the guys want. Holy Jeez.

Here is a screenshot I found of Kelly and Brenda:
Check out Kelly’s belt! It’s way up there, just beneath her boobs. What were people thinking? 1989-1993 or so were terrible years for fashion. Even my sexy, sexy Dylan was wearing overalls with one strap down in his first two episodes. Ughtastic. He’s also still too old for me I think. Or, he at least looks way older than current me. Too bad 13 year old me thought he was the dreamiest dreamboat who ever dreamed.

Look at this one!
They’re all supposed to look so hot. ¾ booties and vests, oh my! There has probably been a vest in every single episode of the first season so far. And then there’s this one with Kelly in a horribly unflattering jacket. I actually remember seeing this picture over 10 years ago and thinking it was creepy that Brenda is all pressed up against her brother and not that close to her “boyfriend.” That was still my first thought when seeing it now. See, I have stayed true to my roots!

I did get a bit misty, missing my ladies who should be watching it with me and dying over the wardrobe choices and the horrible things they say. I just haven’t met many (any?) funny ladies out here to do crap like that with. I mean, aside from the people I was already friends with, of course. Sharon and Erika need to get on moving out here, stat! Will that be this year? Though, I doubt either one of them loved the 90210 quite like I did (and Kim and Meighan and Mikki etc…).

The first 4-5 episodes are great, especially if you like horrible clothes like Steve wearing a tie-dyed green silk button down shirt. Or any number of spandex spottings. No one, ever needs to be wearing spandex. Not even to work out. It’s horrible. No matter what you look like. And this show really proves it because even teenage girls with like 10% body fat look awful and dumpy and gross. Also, the teen girls aren’t as thin as I’m accustomed to by watching the OC and movies. These ladies have chubby cheeks and hips and everything. Yet, I remember articles at the time talking about how skinny the ladies were. Not a good sign for current media, I suppose. OOOh! Kelly also talks about tanning all the time, and working on her tan but she is damn pale. She and Brenda must have had their own PAs just to slather them in sunblock at all times. Maybe the writers thought if they talked tan that the audience would believe it? Well, I am super savvy and figured it out! They are the whitest girls at the beach.

The best thing ever happened on Monday when I was at home, by myself, working on a script for work when I decided to play the next episode (Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THESE DVDS, but the authoring on them is not so great. There are no episode descriptions or anything so you just kind of blindly go into an episode based on the title.) and it was THE BEST NIGHT EVER. It turned out to be the episode where Brenda meets Dylan and then decides that she simply must become a blonde (because surfer boys love blondes) and then wants a 300 dollar “perm, or extensions or something!” but gets pissed when her mom thinks that’s crazy. So she lets Kelly dye her hair and she ends up with like 2 big gray patches in her bangs and her hair looks like a big dry haystack. SOOOO GOOD. I was freaking out all over the apartment, all by myself, like a crazy person. Then Brenda decides to wear a big, floppy Blossom hat to cover her hair so that no one will notice. Then, she goes jogging in horrible spandex shorts and a weird, half tank top in a big floral print and Dylan is all “Heyyyyyyyyyy” and turns around on his motorcycle (Mikki remembers that he likes her tank top, which he does say but I think he may like her boobies more than the fugly floral thing she’s wearing).

I need to look into starting some kind of chat with my ladies so that we can be enjoying this together. Technology, don’t fail me now!
NOTE- it's also weird watching it now and actually knowing the streets and areas and places they're talking about. And made me remember that Mike STILL hasn't taken me to Pasadena to see the 90-house. Boooo.


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