Five Things
2007-01-21/4:34 a.m.

5 things you probably don’t know about me. This is really hard and Mike knows at least one already. I can assume that Sarah, Sharon and Kim may as well. My life is an open book.

1. The only reason I saw a Marx Brothers movie (back when I was a teenager) was because when Dylan asks Brenda out for the first time (on 90210) it was to see “Animal Crackers” and so I thought that movie must be super kick ass and that I should see it so that Dylan could then fall in love with me. Sadly, my plan did not work. (Some of you could have guessed this, but I had not admitted it like this before)

2. I used to think Elton John was hot. It was a brief time when he did that “I don’t wanna go on with you like that” song. It was frightening, even for me. My mom told me he was gay over and over and over. I snapped out of it quickly, and I finally figured out that it was his piano playing that was doing the trick.

3. Before the US went to war with Iraq, FBI agents came to my dad’s house and asked him if he knew where Saddam was hiding his WMDs.

4. I believe in ghosts and UFOs, but it was determined today that I do not believe in vampires*.

5. When I was in the 5th (it may have been 4th) grade my school had a free throw shooting contest on the basketball court and I made more than anyone in the school. The top two from each grade were sent to a sort of state final. I went home and told my dad and he said “do you mean soccer?” because I had never played basketball before and so he assumed that couldn’t be right. I had even played American football a lot but not basketball. He actually went out and bought a basketball so that I could practice for the finals. Practicing was apparently my undoing as I then did very poorly at the finals. .

One random fact about Mike, that I absolutely love, is that he once went to a strip club (Scores) with Peter Gallagher. That cracks me up every time! Mike usually accompanies the story with saying “these girls will knock your socks off!” in the voice of eyebrows himself. Priceless!

*This has come in handy for me at work lately because I have been deemed an “expert” on Area 51 and Roswell even though I am not. Simply because I talked about my enthusiasm for the subjects and how I believe in crap like that. Too bad things that happened on the X-Files and Roswell aren’t actual history, or I’d be much closer to expert status.

Off topic- the 90210 dvds have reminded me about the time in recent fashion that people were cuffing their t-shirt sleeves. Remember that? For a few years everyone was doing it. Now, no one does it. It just vanished. How did that one start?? Why did we stop?? I'd really like to get to the bottom of some of these abrupt fashion changes.


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