Please Stop Stealing My Bike NEWS!!
2007-02-06/1:07 a.m.

The Kung Fu Monkeys music video is done, people! DONE.

They are truly America's Favorite Band, and now you (yes, you) can love them like I already do. Or atleast enjoy watching a doggie be cute and a gorilla woo women. What's not to like?

(Click on the poster to watch the video.... MAGIC!)

If you like it, please share the link around. We have the bandwidth to spare and youtube knocks everything out of sync. Sharon, Kathleen and I did the concept while K and I directed and Sharon edited. It was a very nice collaboration and turned out very well, especially considering that we did it with no money. Imagine what we could do with money! Just think about that... and then give us some.

And the bass player was just on Heroes last week! I smell tie-in. (this video is absolutely nothing like that show)

Yay! Enjoy!


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