What the Shit?!
2007-02-19/5:56 p.m.

Mike was parked in front of our apartment building one night when someone apparently hit the back of his car (near the gas tank on the driverís side), smashed in a pretty good dent and then fled the scene. Such bullshit! Now he has deal with police reports (the police didnít want to report it) and insurance when all he did was park outside.


This is only one of many reasons that I would really like to move. Our building sucks, weíve seen other parked cars get hit (and totaled) outside. The management company is full of assholes. We have mold in the bathroom, and we can barely have people over. Itís a real frustration building inside me. Every time I see his dented car I get annoyed. Grrrrr.

Yesterday we were going to see two apartments but we missed the scheduled time. That is also frustrating. Though it was not my fault, I couldnít do anything about it either. Grrrrrr.

I was thinking of just rearranging the furniture, but now that doesnít even sound so great to me. Maybe Iíll revisit that idea in the near future though. We also have a 1br apartment in Brooklyn to think about. 90% of the furniture we love and want to keep is in that apartment and most of my stuff in general is in that apartment. Most of Mikeís too, in fact. I realize that it sounds lame, but I think I am kind of tired of just having 1/10 of my stuff. I like my stuff, I miss my stuff and I feel like I live in a dorm room half the time. Though Iíve never really lived in one, so I can only imagine.

In sad news, a friend of mine from high school passed away a few months ago and my sister told me about it yesterday. I googled him to see if any details were around, but all I found were his myspace page And the blog he did. His last entry was about cartoons. Jason was funny in high school and was always really tan. Many girls had crushes on him but he didnít seem to notice (at least most of them). He looked a bit like Jared Leto at a time when Jared Leto was charming the pants off of 13 year olds everywhere with his illiteracy and greasy hair, the mid 90s. Good timing on his part. He was the literate, washed version. He emailed me a few years ago because he was reading a journal of mine, or he thought it was mine and wanted to see if he was right. He was. I was looking forward to seeing him at the reunion, if it was ever planned. I can only imagine how shocking this news was to his close friends and family.

Sidenote- dying in the age of the internet is more than a little creepy. Like that site that archives the myspace pages of people who have died. I find it very sad and weird. I have a very unique name, so when I die people will see mixtapes I made for people in college, some magazine writing, and some crummy movies Iíve made when they google me. Those pages seem to live forever. It also makes it much harder to know if someone has passed or is still around, re-arranging their top 8 friends. Iím not sure what would make it less creepy though, so I guess Iím no help.


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