cheeseburger and wives and big toothed douchebags
2007-03-27/1:01 a.m.

Here are some pictures from Saturday night:
this flyer was right outside my taco stand
uh huhhhhhh
there's nothing to it
this pretty much sums it up:
rebel yelllll
click on any of those photos to see more.

It was super fun, and both Christy and Luke couldn't get over how wasted they were. I said "you're always drunk when i see you play" and Christy said "no way, not like this." Scary. He also said this while ordering a beer. An old RISD friend of his told us about how she much prefers him cleaned up and that he told her that "clean is the new dirty." Oh, Christy. Say whatever you have to say, but we're all relieved that you've cut your hair and don't wear skin tight white pants anymore. Really, I should be plugging Christy's new adultswim show called "Superjail" coming soon. It doesn't have a website yet though, that I can find. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

I ranted a bit on Sunday morning about the Stepford Wives and that helped me pinpoint some of the most annoying things about it. The women are just supposed to have some nano chips in their brains, but then you watch one put a credit card into her mouth and then cash comes out. So she's a robot? Another one's hand becomes a vaccuum with a long attachment that reaches the ceiling, then retracts. Robot, right? Nope! It's like they didn't decide if they were real ladies or robots but surged ahead with making the movie. Also, the husbands point out that they married way more successful women who make tons of money, but then when they become robots they no longer make any money. How can they still live in mansions then? I clearly didn't like this movie and need to move on. I just wish that it had been either scarier or funnier. The original is in the netflix bin, so I looking forward to that.

And in bigger news, Spencer on the Hills is a huge douchebag. I called his game a mile away. When he first came into the picture Mike just thought he was a jerky scumbag type. I called him turning it around and being super controlling. Then it happened. He started being all "why do you need friends?" "Isn't hanging out with me enough for you?" "You have to move in with me or we're through!" after like 2 months of dating. He is creepy to the max, and has huge teeth to boot. Those girls might have the worst taste in men of all time. Isn't Jason going to jail now? Sheesh. Get some taste, ladies.


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