2007-07-30/10:45 p.m.

Oooooooh! I have some Hollywood gossip for you! And it's all stolen completely from a writer friend of mine who I'm living with right now. You're welcome, friends.

Item! One of the weinstein brothers wanted to have sex with a teenage Anne Hathaway so badly that he wanted a movie completely rewritten to star her instead of people in their late 30s. Is his own fame not enough to get a meeting with her? I guess not. Didn't Miramax make the Devil Wears Prada? Now I wonder if that means he got his sex meeting in the end. Gross! Anywho, rewriting it kind of ruined the movie and it all had to be rethought and she was never interested in it. This industry is dumb.

Item! My friend's friend is trying to set him up.... with freaking Reese Witherspoon. It's pretty cool that she's just asking her friends to set her up but it's very weird to think of her as a regular person just looking for a date. My friend thinks she'd hate him and then it also became clear that he knows very little about her (the first thing Kelley said was "she's an Oscar winner!" which was not even mentioned by this guy...) and has no idea who Ryan Phillipe is. He also asked me how many kids she has. I am trying to get him to do it, for purely selfish reasons. He just rolls his eyes.

Back to watching 4 straight hours of the N. Did someone get murdered on Degrassi this season? David says he heard that but I am out of the loop.

Question! On the first season of "The Hills" Heidi got a puppy for Christmas. Did we ever see that puppy again? I don't remember it at all during the second season. Did she just get rid of it immediatley? I mean, it was dumb of her to want one and all but she has the living puppy during that episode. Yes, I need to know this answer!

Also, whoever keeps finding this page by searching "brenda meets dylan" please leave a comment. You may be awesome!


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