The Earthquake, Jane Austen, and a Little Bit About Me.
2007-08-11/3:50 a.m.

I am totally an LA person now. I lived through an earthquake! It was a small one, but I had no idea what it was and then it was over. I was laying on the couch watching an old rerun of "Roseanne" when it happened. The couch shook and then the front door shook violently.

First thought "What the??"
Second thought "We're being robbed"
Third thought "I guess that means I'm doomed" (I was right inside the front door half asleep and in pajamas)
Fourth thought "I think Johnny told me about a bat he keeps by the door... why did he tell me that?"
By then the shaking was long over and I was really just letting my train of thought go. Then the light went on upstairs and Johnny checked to see if I was awake. Then he ran downstairs in his underwear and ran outside (he's daring) to see if anyone was out and about. If it was not for him I would have had no idea that it was an earthquake. I thought the robbing theory was sound.

Then Johnny told me that he thought that I had come into his room in the dark (creepy!) and was shaking his bed since he had headphones on. He thinks I'm terrifying, there is no other explanation. But wait! Then I remembered why he told me about the bat. Andy Dick used to live here and came back once in the middle of the night all drunk and stoned and wanted to hang out. The bat is to fight him off if he ever comes back. So he thought I had run upstairs because Andy Dick had returned. I wish I was making this up.

And that concludes the tale of my first earthquake.

This week Kelley and I went to see the horrible Jane Austen movie based on the fact that both of us used to be obsessed with Jane Austen. This movie though, is just a made up story (or, reimagining) of what her life would have been like in order to have inspired Pride and Prejudice. Hahahahah. My favorite scene by far was the one that implied that she wrote all of Pride and Prejudice in one night, inspired by sexual frustration and an inability to sleep. Overall the love story made no sense and was very much a teenage, kissing in the bushes story. So saying that it was so amazing and timeless that she never recovered really made Jane Austen seem lame, while most of the movie just made her seem snooty and rude. Not my Jane at all! It was fun though since we both knew how untrue the nonsense was.

I'm not really sure what to say about the rest of everything. I don't really think that it makes sense to write about it here, but I'm writing about it elsewhere. I don't live with Mike anymore, so I'm kind of homeless, and jobless these days. It's very weird and rough, but he's been pretty sick for a long time and so it's probably for the best. I put 110% into that relationship and I really thought that he was the one for me, so it's quite a transition to be making. Upside is that I have plenty of time to see crappy movies, so if you want to hang out, email me. I'm sure I'm up for it. I realized that this is starting to read like I just have a new boyfriend named Johnny and that I never mentioned anything. Johnny is my friend and he has an awesome apartment and is very generous. He also keeps bats near me for my safety. It's pretty okay.


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