What I'd Like...
2007-08-17/2:50 p.m.

I would very much like to make out with Chris Eigeman from when he was on the Gilmore Girls. If that can't work, I'd be equally happy going back 12 years and making out with him when he was in Kicking and Screaming. Oh yes, how great that would be.

He's just too dang sexy. I still think that the gilmore girls started to go downhill when she dumped him and got with Luke, the king of all boring plotlines. He always plays smart guys who dress well. The kind of guys with elbow patches on their jackets, or wear tuxedos to parties. Yes and yes! And he's often strange. I guess I should just admit that I like weirdos because that does seem to be true. Or I could say I like "quirks" to sound better. Quirky, well dressed guys who look like college professors at an Ivy League school back in the 60s. More please.

Okay, I need to cool down. And what better way than with Spencer's horrible face...

Kim sent me this today and it's just amazing. Number one, stupid Heidi on the Hills thinks she's a singer. But better yet, Spencer thinks he's a rapper. It must be awesome to be very wealthy and just put out albums whenever you like.


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