2007-08-31/3:43 a.m.

It has been brought to my attention that I'm not updating as often lately. Sorry about that. My internet is kind of slow these days (*cough* stealing it *cough*) and so this site seems to really chug. Now that it is late at night, I am able to update with ease.

Last weekend Julie and I got the heck out of town (oh my god, this was actually 2 weekends ago... what did I do last weekend? Scary, I'm losing time) and went to Huntington Beach for a change of scenery. It was pretty and beachy and we ate some pretty okay barbecue.

BBQ Ribs!

Being from Kansas City and Texas, we know our bbq and this was good... for California. Haha, eat that burn, California. Zingeroooo! But, still it was fully edible and better than much. The garlic fries were really great. I wish more places had them done this way.

The rest of my time is a blur of swimming, friends, bands being in town, pitches, and watching movies with my best buddy, Johnny Reno. In fact, on Sunday he was flipping through the dvr and told me that he had a surprise for me on Monday so not to check the list if I wanted to keep it a surprise. When I got home Monday I was like "Alright! I'm ready for it!" and he flipped on.................."Mother, May I Sleep with Danger"!!!!!! It was awesome. And very, very sweet of him. He also watched the whole thing with me (loving every minute, of course) and we have also watched "Sleepaway Camp" and I've taught him a lot about 90210. In return he has taught me about cult movies that are terrible (like that oingo boingo one) and the show "Damages." I have express instructions to dvr the Scott Baio show if they do a marathon so he can watch it from the beginning. Of his own volition, he is now watching Mission: Man Band each week. We are the best. Oh! And he watched "Last Days of Disco" so that I could gawk at my man candy, Chris Eigeman. He just gawked at the very mean Kate Beckinsale. We both win.

My own personal hell has been happening the past few days though. I have set the dvr to record this week's episode of the Hills, but the guide has been wrong SEVEN times. Damn you, mtv. Get someone competent to update your damn guide. Twice I got Top Model, once was a random part of Never Been Kissed, and many were things that I didn't even give a chance (next and exposed, basically). I want to see the damn Hills!

I am very excited because tomorrow I am going to be drunk drunk drunk.
lady party
And with friends friends friends. Yay, lady party! I haven't hosted a party in a long time and though this won't be a big thing, it will be fun and I get to make food and I already made the sangria so it is brewing in the fridge as I type.

It's crazy how much things can change in a short amount of time. My birthday party was 2 months ago today. It was awesome and my boyfriend made me cupcakes and threw me a really great party. I had an absolute blast. I was completely shocked by everything that's happened after that. I really thought that he was doing better and would get his life together and then we could live like adults again. I was so excited. But, I am dumb. I was wrong about everything, and I should never have put so much faith into someone who had none in themself. It was a dumb investment. It has been devastating and sad and weird, but I think I'm doing okay. And I'm trying to focus on things that I wanted to be doing in the past year but wasn't allowed to do. Hosting a party with friends is a big one. And I'm really excited about it, and hopefully less dumb this time.


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