Party Hard! (nyc edition)
2007-09-21/5:45 a.m.

This week has been so freaking awesome. First there was eating at Planet Thai with Sarah. I was craving it so badly! I've gotten to eat that and a bunch of bagels from the bagel store. That alone is pretty great.

Saturday night was Kimkim's 30th birthday party. When Sarah and I arrived it was so dark that I couldn't tell where my friends were and I was squinting just to make out faces. I thought "wow, this bar really keeps it dark" but then we learned that they had a power outage just before we arrived. Ha! The power went completely out right after that, but came back later in the night. That was a relief because I was getting nervous about having to pee in the dark in a public restroom (personal fear).
kim's birthday! (if you hate me for this, i'll take it down kim)

I've been trying to stay on California time for my new job (awesome new job hopefully!) and so it was great that we were partying until 430am. That means I sleep all day though. This is my week off so I'm not worrying about it too much. And I've been trying to get things done during the late night hours (when I'm not out partying like Andrew WK). I was cleaning at 4am yesterday and my friend Erika asked me if I was doing speed. Nope! Just a weird schedule.

The next day Ann and I had dinner in Tribeca. It was so tasty and it was great seeing Ann after so long. She was dog sitting so we also walked a dog during the visit. The dog alternately loved me and stood barking at me. I don't know why. Ann said she is old and grumpy. She was very soft though.

Monday I went back to Tribeca to pick up my favorite little ones from school. They are so big! Damn children. They make me more aware of the passing of time and I don't like that one bit. Lillie is long legged and ornery as ever while Bain is still a sensitive soul with the hair of an indie rocker. I'm going to pick them up again tomorrow (this time with a charged camera!) and Bain is going to teach me how to play baseball on the xbox with him. I am excited. We also all got Mr. Softee, which is something else I've been missing dearly. It was as awesome as I remembered.

Tuesday I went out to Jersey City and saw Haley for the first time in almost a year and a half. It was so great to see her again. Turns out that she was in a bad car accident last year that left her with a broken neck (she is not paralyzed now though) and she was recovering for a long time. Yikes! I had no idea where she had disappeared to but last summer I got a bad feeling that something was wrong. She looks great now though, and has two new doggies in her life (along with an awesome new house). Meet Izzy and Dr. Sanchez:
two headed doggie!

On Wednesday there was a last minute free show happening in the park. Dr. Frank (follow that link and you'll see my photo there as well because I RULE) from MTX was opening for a film festival in the east village so Sharon and I headed over and ran into some other friends of mine from various bands. It was a fun time, and a beautiful night to be in the park. I have been enjoying this fall weather big time. So crisp! It was a bit cold for the weekend, but the week has been perfect. He was projected on a big screen:
dr. frank in the park
He played the cingulair wireless song, making Hallie very happy in the process. It goes "Cingulair wireless (cingulair wireless) Worse than Hitler (worse than Hitler)" and was a real crowd pleaser. Afterwards I went out for some bar action and saw some people that I haven't seen in a long time. It was very fun and I made two new friends in dudes named Danny and Nate who recently moved here from Wisconsin. Danny and I played videogames. He convinced me to play big buck hunter and I convinced him to play Pirates of the Carribean pinball. We both won in the end.
danny plays big buck hunter

Tonight I had the ladies over for dinner and it was fun as always. Tomorrow night will be Cheeseburger (yes!) and more time with the kids. I know I say this a lot, but I'm very lucky to have so many awesome people in my life.


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