I know you might roll your eyes at this, but I'm so glad that you exist.
2007-11-08/4:47 a.m.

Halloween happened. I had a ton of fun, took the kids trick or treating and went to Kim's awesome halloween party. Sarah and I dressed up as Heart for that one, and she bitched about her wig all night. Whatta whiner. Andy went as bucket head, which is both really creative and super creepy. He found a way to make it hilarious though. The kids went as Harry and Hermione at Hogwarts. I asked Lillie "do you like Hermione?" and she said "well, mom decided." Ha! Turns out Lillie wanted to be an elaborate unicorn creature and they had to nip that in the bud.
Meighan singing "Like a Virgin" dressed up like Courtney Love, while Bucket head dances on the right:
buckethead dances to

lillie is devious (note the little giraffe crossing the street)

I also managed to see the Weakerthans the day before Halloween (after Sarah's birthday dinner) with some friends. It was an excellent show that seemed like it would never end. Much like Jens, they just wanted to play music all night long. I think their set lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes in the end. Crazy. I was given a photo pass at the show like I'm not just a person with a digital camera in the audience- now see my one good pic at jerseybeat.blogspot.com.

On Halloween itself Sarah, Kelly and I went to go see our friend Hallie in the new show Fuerza Bruta. It's by the people who made De La Guarda, which was a hit when I was in college (very near to where I lived at the time) that involved much flying by the cast. It was very neat and Hallie was all harnessed and swimming the night that we saw it. It is impossible to explain but it's broken down into several segments that are very visually interesting and happen all around the standing audience. I would recommend seeing it if you're in nyc and looking for something different to do. It's at the theater at 15th street and Union Square East.

hallie is on the left

swimming above our heads

A lot of other stuff happened (like trading in my camera for a new panasonic with a beautiful wide angle leica lens... swooooon) but then I was back on the plane headed for Los Angeles to go back to work. I think I've said it before, but I LOVE this job. I am very happy. And I really missed Reno (johnny) when I was in nyc. I got back to strike headquarters though, with him organizing a team of picketers. On his list of calls to make there was a very special name.... MULDER!!! Well, it said his real name. But you know what I mean. I am so thrilled. He hasn't talked to him... YET. I remain confident that it will happen someday. And that I will get to share in it in some way.

Then I went in to work and noticed a change.

i have become very important

I HAVE MY VERY OWN PARKING SPACE. Yeah yeah, it's not a big deal. But it's my first one. My first thought was that I had to take a picture. I told Johnny about it tonight and he said "aw, I'm proud of you." Ha! I mean, very cute, but he sounds like a dad. I guess when we grow up it's still nice to hear that kind of stuff. I told Anna last night and she said "did you take a picture?!?!" and I was like "oh yeah, I'm one step ahead of you on that one." I am a nerd. But a nerd with her own parking space.

It's nice to be back.


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