Chicken Story.
2007-11-15/5:14 a.m.

Last week Johnny and I decided that we'd start making meals at home. He wants to eat healthier and I cook- so it was a plan. He asked me to get a chicken at the grocery store so he could roast it. I'd only ever seen him cook ramen before, and he kind of messed that up (I'm not sure how) so I was surprised, but I bought one anyway.

Skip ahead to Sunday when he was considering cooking it at like 10pm. Then he said "why don't you cook it?" I said "you're the one who wanted to make a chicken," and he countered with "but you enjoy cooking and I don't." Fair enough. I told him I'd cook it but that he had to take care of the raw chicken guts (shuddddder).

So on Monday he got out the chicken and since it was some organic thing, it didn't come with one of those plastic thermometers that pop out. Problem! I asked how long he thought we should cook it for and he looked at me, totally serious, and said "Is it too late to call my mom?"

Once I stopped laughing, I told him I could look up a recipe online but he pulled out a cook book that was hilariously inscribed by his mom when she gave it to him as a gift (in 1989!). It gave cook times and the chicken turned out really well. It was an adventure getting the guts out, but all in all a good meal. When it was in the oven I said "you asked if it was too late to call your mom!" And he just shook his head laughing and said "I did, didn't I?" It's something that will never stop making me laugh. In 10 years, I'll still think it's funny. Mark my words.

Next week we will be hosting a misfit thanksgiving and he'll be doing the turkey so this was good practice. When I was leaving for work he said that he was looking forward to it and I reminded him that he didn't like to cook. He says he likes it when it's fun. Woooo! Just in time to deal with turkey guts. I hate cleaning full animals like that. And carving the meat off of them. Ewww. But eating them? Oh yeah, totally. I can do that.


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