The last month, in short bursts.
2008-01-12/2:23 p.m.

Oh crap, it's been almost a month since I updated. Woopsie. Travelling messed me up, and I was really busy and then without a computer for a few weeks (I decided to try ditching the laptop for christmas and new years to see if I could kick my addiction. I could... kind of).

Here is a list of the important things from the last month, peppered with photos.

-I did some karaoke with my LA ladies at this great dive in Burbank. The best were the drunk white guys doing 2 live crew songs about pussy. It was so embarrassing. This place has a ridiculous song book complete with tv theme songs. I would go back! Kelley sang and some dude stood next to her, danced some and then when she sang "tell me you love me" he grabbed the mic and said "I love you!" and then he walked off and we didn't see him again... until I saw him on the side when I was singing. He was stealthy.

we are in the spirit
-I had christmas in LA with Johnnycakes. This meant presents, watching Freewayand making a chicken pot pie. I've never made one before, or even eaten one before but it seemed a nice hearty thing to do. I got a recipe from that was supposed to be healthy since it didn't use cream or anything. It turned out weirdly...not bad, but more soupy than Johnny was hoping for. We still ate the shit out of it. Perhaps I will try again in the new year. I put up a rack for pots and pans in his kitchen and got him fancy shaving crap from Italy. He is a diva with mad facial hair and likes to use schmancy shaving brushes etc... Johnny got my guitar rewired and setup and all pretty for Christmas. That was a very thoughtful gift, especially since he knew I had band practice right as I returned to NYC. It is now the most beautiful guitar in the world.
wow!  christmas rules!

-I spent a week in nyc, having christmas with my ladies, seeing people, working a job (woo!) and seeing bands play. It was christmas party time and gift giving time. I loved it! I gave Bain and Lillie a cookbook for kids and some kid sized aprons that I had picked up at Ikea in LA. They are HOT to cook. As soon as they opened it they made an adorable grocery list. Ann got me personalized sharpies ( which was hilarious because I got some for Mikki and Johnny but none for myself. Perfect year. I got some of these for Ann and now wish that I had gotten some more me. Maybe I'll see if I can find some in LA. Grow your own herbs, adorably.

-Kansas City was okay. I got there and was annoyed at how crappy the house was and how the tree wasn't even up (I arrived on 12/24) and how I was expected to get all this done when I got there. But Molly was her usual cuteness and Grandma was awesome. molly mcbutters Lots of eating (sooo much eating), presents and friend times. New Years Eve we ate at Shiraz and it was sooo good. I had lamb chops in a pomegranate sauce that were TO DIE FOR. I wish that I was eating them right now. If you find yourself in KC, eat there. Sarah got me 90210 season 2 and all the seasons of Arrested Development. Johnny called from Syracuse to say Merry Christmas and I told him about the 90120s and my sister told him "you're welcome." He was so thrilled (hahahaha, and by that I mean not thrilled at all).
christmas in the daytime.

-Sarah and I roadtripped to Arkansas to see our grandma's new house. It was fun. Her house is cute and our cousin is as Ambular as ever. We went down the road to our aunt's house for dinner where grandma told everyone "I got a vibrator for Christmas." All of the ladies had hilarious looks on their faces trying to hold in the laughter. Then she said that it looks like a frog, and we lost it. The 13 year old boy was confused and my aunt's husband was tuning us out. In reality, my grandma got a massage pillow that looks like a stuffed frog.
driving through arkansas

-Grandma and I played 2 marathon rummi games. I won them both. I think this is the first time that's ever happened. Sorry, grandma. Your reign of terror is over.
grandma, the card shark

-I got a lot of quality time in with Valorie and even her elusive mom. Then we spent two hours at the gym one night and I learned what her workout routine is like. It's hard. She has to do 100 pushups IN A ROW. I was hypnotized by her skills. I saw her apartment and she made me watch some man butts in 300.

-Jeremy and his sister Chelsea both got Wiis for Christmas. What spoiled brats. One night we played and Jeremy made me a mii! The glasses size was increased for cuteness. Though, now I want bigger glasses.
chelsea and jeremy made mii

-Sarah and I ate at Taco Via. A place that I have not gone to in maybe 15 years. It was still good! They have a tortilla covered in cheese and sauce that they call a "nacho." It's like something you'd make quickly at home, but better because someone else makes it.

-I saw Teresa and Robert and Ana a few times. Ana now plays soccer and is a super giant. She's so tall. Her team massacred the other team. It was kind of sad. Ana does not have self esteem issues. When Valorie told her that she did a good job, she replied "I know."
everyone runs for the ball

-I got back to nyc and immediately had band practice. It was so fun! We are a real band, which is hard for me to comprehend. And it was Danny's birthday that day so I made him a cake. It was.... there is no way to put this nicely, so ugly. Horrifying. Kelly said that it had character though. Haha. It tasted like cake, and that was good enough I guess.
happy birthday, danny!

-Me and Mikki and Erika went to see Sweeney Todd last Sunday evening. We all loved it! But, it should be noted that Ralph Fiennes watched the whole movie from the row behind us. He seemed to like it too, even when the movie broke and the pre-movie questions popped up in the middle of a musical number. Fun times.

-And now Jeremy is here visiting from DC and I'm getting ready to have some friends over for food and to view Popular on dvd. It's one of the best shows ever made and I hope to turn some people on to it tonight. If you have netflix, get it! The first season starts a little slowly, but then it becomes so funny it's ridiculous. Then it ends abruptly because the WB cancelled it like the jerks they are. Popular Quotes.

Welcome, 2008. I have many plans for this year that are already making me happy. do not fall in love.  Eh, okay. Maybe I won't.


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