The Hi-Fives!
2008-02-07/5:38 p.m.

Coming back to LA was a whirlwind. I flew in on the red eye and then went straight to my first day of work. Then I got home and Johnny was all "Hey! You're back! I'm going to see Cloverfield, you should come!" so I just left again. Then we returned and watched the dvred things that he was saving for me. It was Wednesday before I started to relax and then my friend Anna and I decided we were going to road trip to San Francisco for the weekend. Fun!

Firstly, the Hi-Fives were playing on Friday night. THE HI-FIVES! I loved them so much from about 16-18, then very much enjoyed them after that. Too bad I never saw them play and they don't really play anymore. My friend Patrick flew in from NYC for the show, so a mere 6 hour drive seemed rational. And Anna had never been to SF (not like me, I'd spent like 12 hours there once... haha) so the deal was done.

The Hi-Fives!! (click on a picture to see more)
yay yay yay!
maybe the best one.
This picture best captures how excited Patrick was!
Patrick is excited.

The show was totally fun and I got to see tons of friends both real and online. Here is the group (minus Kendra and Pat, they were taking the pictures):
the gang's all here!

The next day Anna, Patrick and I did some sightseeing and the weather cooperated.
the grant hotel- lobby
anna is touristing.
I LOVED the mechanical museum.

We had our own tour guides- Janelle and Rotten Ron- for the afternoon:
tour guiding.
naked man pumping water.
big blue safety pin.

And then we ate mexican food:
my burrito loves the usa.

It was an awesome weekend!! At the end of it I also had my very first drum kit! It's bright red with a white snare drum and it's already beaten up from going on tour, which I like. Yesterday I played two songs on the drums while singing. I'm getting better... finally. And now I have a drum kit so I can act like I know what I'm talking about, kind of. Next I will talk about the more recent 2 weeks and what I've been up to. At work, the houseguests move in today and I'm going to be swamped. I have to go in soon and I'm nervous. Wish me luck!


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