Mac Photobooth Fun!
2008-06-24/2:01 a.m.

I don't have a macbook, but Eugene does so we spent like an hour in the middle of the night once, taking photos using the photobooth function. It was hard to get it to work, but we finally got it by clearing off a big wall.

First, we took a trip to the kitchen. Look at the arty coffee maker behind me.

Photo 25

Then we totally rode on a rollercoaster. It was pretty sweet.


Then what? Hmmmmmm, where were we? PARIS! That's right, we went to Paris. It was pretty awesome. We pointed at the Eiffel Tower.

what?  we're in paris!

We both have good hair (these pictures aren't a good example of mine). Too good for the photobooth function, I think. It kept not knowing where to add background around our hair and glasses. Poor computer.

Then we went to polka dot country. I tried to position myself in a way that showed the better colored dots. The photobooth seemed to have all of the good dots (teal, orange, baby blue) where your body or head would be. Poor design!

polka dot country?

Then we went swimming.


The functions that just stretch images and mix things up were easier to use, I am assuming since the backgrounds weren't moving.

I have a teeny arm and a huge body:

teeny arm with no hand

sad glasses

We attempted to make a movie by clicking that button on the roller coaster background, but even with the plain, white wall it didn't really work at all. I don't know if other people are having better luck with that- but if you are, what did you do to get it to work? I would love to make a short film using mac photobooth backgrounds, even if it was just to make me laugh.

Next time, I hope to go to a tropical beach and just relax while pointing at something, ideally.


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