political stuff is very in right now.
2008-11-06/12:26 a.m.

New President!

vote aqui

my polling place.

i did my part:

i voted!

now that i have gotten my news from holograms i can never go back to watching regular humans. regular humans bore me.

i will only listen to news from holograms from here on out



When CNN called the election Kelly Lynn and I heard cheering and noise so we ran out (me in pajamas) front to see what was going on. It was so fun! You could hear yelling and cheering coming out of buildings, fireworks were going off, and people were honking their horns. What a great feeling to just be happy, blissfully happy, for a second.

A couple rode by on bikes looking confused. I told the lady part of the couple that Obama had just been announced as the winner and she said "REALLY??" but nearly crashed her bike so Kelly started laughing. Good times.

The noise was still going on at 2am when we went to bed.


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