Watch CHOPPED on Tuesday nights at 10- Food Network
2009-01-11/5:29 a.m.

Sorry, adoring fans, I abandoned you (and yet no one noticed... hmmmm, fishy).

And now a PLUG!
Watch my new show, CHOPPED, on Food Network, starting January 13th at 10pm (just after american idol if you're my friends, haha).

our gracious judges.

Ted Allen, our wonderful host, has written a great blog entry (and why not read his blog all the time if you're a foodie- you'll probably love him if you don't already). Read about the show here:
Why America Needs Another Cook-Off Show.

I really loved making this show for Food Network and can't wait to see how it all came together. And now I am asking everyone to watch it, and blast the ratings through the roof so that the show will get more seasons and I'll get the pleasure of making them.

As many of my friends know, I've worked on several cooking shows (I may or may not be at one right this second that is somewhat hell-like) but this one was perhaps my most favorite experience. It was great to get in on the ground floor and get a say in many elements of the show. Ted is an amazing host, and it was my pleasure to watch him work. The rotating cast of characters kept me on my toes everyday, and my fellow producers were like a family.

So, watch the show! It's fun and interesting and flies by.

Through all of filming i looked exhausted, and this is no exception:
a very tired me with ted allen.


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