This year- Day thirteen. (grandma)
2009-07-11/9:15 a.m.

Day 12 was skipped because my grandma wanted to go to bed in the room that I keep the computer in (the bedroom).

Grandma is here! It's awesome. We're about to go over to my sister's apartment and make a biscuits and gravy breakfast for a large group. I am so excited- my grandma makes the best biscuits and gravy ever.


Tomorrow! We're playing a pretty sweet show with Black Wine (the new band from Miranda Hunchback and Jeff Ergs!), Modern Hut (the acoustic stylings of Chelsea and Joe) and Full of Fancy (the closest thing to 90s alternative music you can see in 2009). The show is FREE!! Also, every band has at least one lady in it. So many ladies. Free show with ladies at it?? You can't beat that with a stick.


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