This year- Day thirty-three. (dad)
2009-08-01/12:46 a.m.

I missed yesterday because my dad was asleep in the room the computer lives in.

Chris's goodbye party was last night and it was sad. Bittersweet. Saying goodbye is the worst, I hate it. Luckily the waffle truck was parked less than a block away so eating a delicious waffle covered in ice cream and chocolate for dinner made things a little happier.

My dad called to say that his flight had landed 15 minutes early and he and his lady were about to get their suitcases. I said bye to Chris and headed back to Brooklyn to let them into the apartment.

Today we spent hours at the Strand, and bought like a thousand books. Surprise! Oh wait, I mean it was only 3.5 hours so that was actually maybe the least amount of time my dad has ever spent in that place. I should thank my lucky stars.

When we left to walk to dinner the weather had turned to full on storm as we walked across the East Village to Cannanou for Italian food. I really love this place but mainly because it has the best gnocchi I have ever had. It's pillowy and soft gnocchi covered in a white truffle sauce... incredible. Sarah ordered the special ravioli and it was also totally delicious, as was the sangria. To add, both times I've been there it hasn't been loud or crowded at all. The best!

For the first hour we were there a couple was in a car right outside the window we were seating in front of, full on making out and then getting totally x-rated. It was nuts. Then they drove off.

Lisa and Kelly Lynn came to dinner and it was totally fun. We ended up just hanging out chatting there for like an hour after we ate since it wasn't crowded or loud and we had to finish the second bottle of wine.

Tomorrow brings the tour of Sarah and then the marshmallows playing in Jersey City in the evening time. We'll probably also introduce dad to the Trader Joe's wine store.


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