BONUS! Fosse Dancing!
2009-08-12/8:43 p.m.


the best dance sequence ever! it's from the "sweet charity" movie but that movie is a lot of boring with a few amazing dance sequences in it. i watched it when kim was watching everything fosse ever made and i had glommed on. that would have been in 99? that sounds right. wow, ten years ago.

this is unedited and appears in the movie like this, with long dance parts and titles and doesn't star any of the people who star in the movie. it's so weird that fosse just got away with that- putting in a huge dance number that looks amazing and difficult, that has nothing to do with the movie.

a commenter on the youtube page says that "so you think you can dance"'s nigel is in this sequence but i do not have the eagle eyes to verify that on this small screen.


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