This year- Day forty-eight. (Paper Heart)
2009-08-15/10:45 p.m.

The Paper Heart movie was good! It was cute and funny and one part made me cry.

The line between documentary and movie was very blurry for me though. I think the credits even said the guy in the movie, directing the movie, was an actor pretending to direct the movie. Did I read that right? Or did I just confuse myself more?

Charlyne Yi is very likable and sweet in it and the real stories of love people tell her are charming. My favorite was the gucci loafers story/couple. I have to admit though, when a high school senior is getting married and says "I have never felt this way about anyone before," I cringe inside. Of course you haven't! You're a kid! How many times do you think you will have fallen in love before you're eighteen years old?

I saw the movie on a fake date I guess? I don't know. And in the movie Michael Cera asks her to have dinner and see a movie (what we were doing) and the director is all "that's a date!" and she denies it and the camera man confirms that it's a date. My fake date just laughed.

All of the actual love stories are recreated with paper sets and people that she made with her dad (says the credits). I really liked them but I didn't love them as much as I could have. Something wasn't quite there for me, but still better than most things you see in movies all the time.

One thing I really liked was that there was no scene of her wondering if she's pretty enough or thin enough for someone to love her. Her main problem is figuring out how to love someone else. Dmitri Martin asks her if she thinks she's unlovable at the beginning and she reacts more jokingly than anything. It was a bit refreshing to see a romance with a girl who doesn't even care about brushing her hair or her caloric intake. She also enjoys playing videogames and being one of the guys unabashedly.

If the reports of him breaking up with her a few weeks ago are true, that is sad. I mean, as soon as I saw the trailers for this movie I thought their breakup would be that much sadder/more horrible but doing it right as all the press for the movie has to be done. That stinks. And now she will have to hear the songs they made (they scored the movie together) and talk about love all over these interviews. Ugh, I can't even imagine.

Also, the song that she writes for him in the movie is cute as hell. It's called "Magic Perfume" and I downloaded it when I got home making use of the itunes gift certificate that Eugene gave me for my birthday on day one of this project. Full circle!


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