This year- Day fifty-one. (I am dumb/JONAS)
2009-08-19/3:33 a.m.

I left Haley and Bob's little rascals (two dogs) today and had photos to upload and everything but I am a dumbass and left without my phone and camera.

They are dogs who sleep through things (unlike Howard and Topher, who awaken at the drop of the tiniest pin) so when I saw them sleep through my packing up my things and using the restroom, I figured that I might as well leave while they were dozing so they wouldn't be heartbroken.

Usually when they're left behind they are fine for a few days and then get sad and listless when the "newness" of the dogsitting wears off. This time they were only gone for like 3 days so most of the trip the dogs were in heaven, jumping on my face and licking Kelly Lynn like there was no tomorrow. Today they were sad and lovey and quiet and made me feel guilty so I watched the Jonas Brothers and stayed for an extra hour.

Then, when I was sneaking out, I totally locked the door and realized that my phone and camera were inside. D'oh! I will pick them up from Kelly tomorrow hopefully.

Speaking of the Jonas Brothers, their show is really awesome looking and has awesome wardrobe. I had no idea! It's all super preppy with plaid ties and striped sweaters and beautiful lighting. It looks much better than anything on Nickelodeon. I was very impressed.

When I looked online for a good example of the sweet wardrobe, I found that kids are dressing like this more and more because of the show. Hallelujah! Goodbye tiny shorts and flipflops and hello sweater vests and knee socks (please). For this alone I can forgive the Jonas Brothers for any crimes against music they may have committed.


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