This year- Day fifty-two. (Lucille and the Deer Baby)
2009-08-20/4:39 a.m.

Lucille and Izzy are dogs but they look more like a guinea pig and a baby deer, respectively.

ears up dear baby.

Last time Haley and Bob went out of town it was for like a week and Kelly and I just started calling Izzy, "deer baby" out of habit. By the end of the week she would respond to it. It ruled.

She used to be a total spazz. Last year she wasn't a total spazz but was more dysfunctional. Like, she wanted the attention and love of people and the other dog, but had no idea how to get it so she would get really amped up and pee by mistake. So much accidental urinating! Luckily her bladder is the size of a thimble, or we would have been in trouble. This year she is up to full on jumping on laps without wetting herself. It's impressive. Now she is far more jealous though. With wanting love comes jealousy, apparently. Ahh, so much the animals teach us about our own humanity... sighhhhhhh.

Lucy can be weird and just prop back on her back legs and sit like that for a while. She did that for so long on Tuesday that I was able to get my camera, turn it on, focus it and get a photo before she moved.

for no reason lucy just propped herself up on her back legs for like 5 straight minutes.  Dogs are weird.

Deer Baby curls up to sleep and takes up about the space of a remote control. One night Kelly thought she was asleep by her only to realize she wasn't even in the room with us.

deer baby curls up on the couch.

Lucy is more on the chubby side of things and mainly likes sleeping directly underneath or on top of legs.

Lucy snuggles up to watch the jonas brothers.

I may be dogsitting for a few weeks next month if anyone would like to stay in my apartment.

This cartoon was on the counter:

New Yorker cartoon that was on Haley's counter.

I know that it's cheesy but for some reason it totally cracks me up. New Yorker cartoons also teach us a lot about our humanity.


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