This year- Day Fifty-five. (songwriting so and so)
2009-08-23/3:01 a.m.

I am attempting to work on a song. I am terrible at doing it alone. I usually just write down a bunch of lyrics and then Kelly finds melodies and tries stuff until we all like it and then it's a song.

I can never come up with a melody that isn't shitty! It's frustrating. It made me practice guitar for a while though, which is good. How do people do this crap?? I will never think this is a one person job.

You're sleep walking, but you're stepping on my toes.

That's a line I've come up with. And- "That's when you said I'll miss you when you left."

I need to figure out what this song is about while I watch old episodes of the X-files and doodle in my notebook. Scully's hair used to be so big. Mulder is such a damned fox (wordplay!).

I also have decided to practice drums regularly again. I haven't done that in nearly six months and that's not good. I miss them. Time to create a practice playlist.


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