This year- Day Sixty. (x-files)
2009-08-28/2:19 a.m.

Watching old episodes of the X-Files reminds me of when I used to be smarter.

**Later Added**

When my dad was here Larry came by to say hello to him and Anne before he headed back to the beach. He had been hosting his nephew Jackson for the second time this summer, this time to take him to a few big time Green Day shows in the city.

Larry told us about how at every show Billie Joe pulls a kid/teen up on stage to sing or play guitar and at this show he asked if any could play "Jesus of Suburbia." I am no fan of new Green Day stuff (in fact, I was barely a fan of old Green Day stuff) but this song is 9.5 minutes long. A freaking epic. 9.5 minutes long is half of an entire Marshmallows set!

Though, I could play this song, I would have to practice it. But that would not prepare me for playing it in front of 20,000 freaking people, on stage with what I assume would be my favorite band if I was a teenager going nuts at this show. I can't even imagine the nerves that would be going wild and how much I'd be peeing myself. Anyway, he picked this girl who said she could do it. Larry was so impressed by how great she was and how she started walking around the stage and having the time of her life.

I finally, tonight, got around to watching it and reading the NYTimes blurb about it- it really is something. It had me choked up to be honest. I don't think she'll ever forget it, that's for sure. I hope she started a band the next freaking day. Also, the comments on Larry's blog in the past month from parents who have had kids pulled up on stage and how much it's meant to them are really heart warming. Shy kids pulled out of their shells, awkward kids feeling good about themselves. It's just nice.

Go here to read Larry's first hand account and watch the video (the second video is of the entire song from a better angle).

Larry was right to be so excited about it. I should send this to my dad .


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