This year- Day sixty-four.
2009-09-01/12:21 a.m.

I ended up being wide awake all damned night last night. Not fun! I stupidly bragged about how good I am at sleeping (seriously, it's one of my only skills) and now, like Icarus, I have been burned by the sun I flew so close to. The sun, in this metaphor, being my ability to sleep excessively.

Then I spent an entire day with children. Highlights:

1. A proactive commercial got their full, rapt attention. Their mom says "bye, guys" and they barely regard her. I break the spell and tell them to say bye to her. They both look at her and say "mom, your skin isn't bad anymore!" (she was having skin trouble for the last year or two and this commercial seemed to really open their eyes for some reason) Mom's reaction... "um, thanks?"

2. Them telling me that the taxi news told them a cut up body was found in a suitcase at the airport. Found the story on NY1 but it was a body in a suitcase found in the garbage. They yelled at me to turn the channel before the actual story because Bain said, "I don't need to see things like that."

Then Kelly Lynn found that Harry Potter was still showing in theaters and we met up at 7pm and saw that. The movie is about four hundred years long and so I got home after 11pm, feeling like I am about to pass out.

I really loved the movie though. It was beautifully directed. The story had problems and I did wander to considering napping at one point, but it was so pretty. Chris Columbus needs to see this one and take notes on how to direct movies and then apply them to his next film project.

I always miss things like directing/art department but can never really figure out a way to do them in my life. I need to make my own stylized show. That's it. It's settled.


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